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Rev. 12/07 Medicare Coverage Determination Request Form Instructions: This form is used to determine coverage for prior authorizations, non-formulary medications (see formulary listings at www.wellcare.com),
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The focal point of today's presentation will be centered aroundproviding stakeholders with CMS's Program needs and priorities for thisyear's pre rule making cycle. CMS's goal is not to be repetitive withthe materials we will be covering with each of these sessions, but toshare new information.As our moderator had said, all audience lineswill be muted, and if I may just break for a second, Nicole if you couldmove to the powerpoint presentation, that would be helpful. Today'ssession is being recorded for training purposes, and an update will besent to all participants, which will include the recording link. And ifyou are experiencing technical difficulties accessing the webinar theslides and the agenda are available in the appointment as a referencefor you. The priorities document was uploaded to the CMS website foreasy access, and finally the April 28th recorded session of the kickoffwas added to the CMS website yesterday in case you would like to viewit. All right. On the agenda slide -- okay, and here is a overview ofthe topics that we're going to be covering today. After each segment,CMS will invite the audience to submit written questions via the livemeeting application. And depending on the number of questions receivedduring our two-hour session, we may or may not take the entire twohours, so if for some reason we run out of time before responding to allquestions, the questions will be captured for later response.And now I'd like to turn it over to Dr. Kate Goodrich, who is going totalk to us about the healthcare delivery system and CMS' qualitystrategy.Kate Goodrich: Hi, everybody. This is Kate Goodrich. I'm the directorof the Quality Measurement and Health Assessment Group here at CMS. SoI think my job today is to provide for you the context around which wemake decisions around the measures that we would like to consider forour programs. And we're certainly looking for your input on all of thattoday.So I want to talk a little bit about the latest efforts of theDepartment of Health and Human Services around delivery system reform.Many of you are likely quite familiar with this, but we wanted to givean overview because this context really has driven our decision makingaround the measures that we would like to consider for programs for nextyear.So the slide that you see now describes what, fortunately, we can nowsay is an historical state of our healthcare delivery system and what weare evolving, along with our private sector partners, towards a futurestate that we believe will be more sustainable. So historically, we'vebeen a very producer-centered delivery system where the incentives arereally about -- around providing more care, not necessarily better care.And this was manifested through the fee-for-service system, which ofcourse is still in existence.Our evolving future state is much more centered around what's best forpatients and making them...